Cayo Cruz, the future destination in Cuba!

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Cayo Cruz in Camaguey province, north of Cuba

Cayo Cruz is a small island located north of Camagüey in the King's Gardens archipelago (Jardines del Rey in Spanish). This archipelago is already home to several known islands ... Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and more recently Cayo Santa Maria. Cayo Cruz is currently connected by a long causeway into the sea that connects the island (in its center) with Cayo Romano and finally to the main island of Cuba (village of Brasil). We flew over this area of Cuba in 2009 during a flight going to Holguin. You can easily see that long dike on the picture.

An island of only 32 km2, almost the size of Cayo Largo located south of Cuba, in the archipelago of Canarreros. Cayo Largo is well known for its kilometers of pristine beach. The beach of Cayo Cruz is oriented east. The south is composed of mangroves and marshes.

The project is underway and there will be six hotels totaling 5,550 rooms on the first phase. When completed, there will be eight hotels totaling approximately 8,000 rooms on the small island of Cayo Cruz to be served by the Cayo Coco International Airport, located less than an hour away, which is substantially the same distance from the hotels of Cayo Guillermo to the airport.

8,000 rooms !!!! This is the current number the number of rooms in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, therefore Cayo Cruz will be a major destination in this area, as was Cayo Santa Maria in Santa Clara province.

A block for the employees is currently in operation and another for hotels employees is being completed, both located at the end of Cayo Romano before going to the last bridge to Cayo Cruz. Two concrete factories (one for prefabricated) are in operation. The fresh water pipelines are being completed to supply the islands from the city of Brasil as well as the power plant.

Great news for people looking for new Cuban destinations. However, we will need to be patient because the first hotel is expected to open in 2017. We will closely monitor the development of this future destination. Come back you to learn more about Cayo Cruz.

At the opening of the first hotel, we'll be there for sure!

Lily & Normand
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